Project-Based Learning Incubator

Learning-Based Project Incubator

Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC) in collaboration with University of Colorado Colorado Springs held two Incubators over the summer.

About the Incubator

The incubator was an immersive program that provided participants with a dynamic learning experience focused on design principles, troubleshooting, programming, cybersecurity threat analysis, and critical thinking. Through a series of workshops and activities, participants were equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively incorporate cybersecurity into educational settings.

Additionally, the incubator emphasized leveraging emerging technologies within the classroom and encouraged the development of new educational materials, including lesson plans, animations, simulations, assessment instruments, and instructional resources. Participants played an integral role in contributing to the creation of an innovative curriculum, utilizing a team-based approach and fostering networking and collaboration with fellow peers. The incubator served as a platform for participants to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and collectively work towards creative solutions for integrating cybersecurity into their educational curricula.

Who was this for? 

The Learning Incubator is specifically designed for technical teachers and educators from high schools and community colleges who want to promote cybersecurity in multiple disciplines, such as healthcare, automotive technologies, manufacturing, process control, transportation, critical infrastructure, modern agriculture, electronics, communications, banking and finance, and education.


Participant Perspectives


Cryptography/CrypTool Challenge

VR and SOC for High School Students

Career Pathways and Jobs Using VR

Career Exploration for High School Students