National K-12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study

This study is designed to measure the progress of building career pathways to support the occupation of cybersecurity professionals. A Career Pathway is a term used to describe an educational ecosystem. This ecosystem is made up of multiple elements of an effective pathway for students that identify and enroll in courses leading to a specific career field or occupation. These elements typically consist of classes or courses in middle school, high school, two-year colleges and possibly four-year schools and universities. Pathway elements also often include workforce learning programs like workstudy programs, internships and apprenticeships. Key elements would include well-defined articulation programs between K-12 and institutions of higher education such as advanced placement, dual credit, dual enrollment, early college programs, TechPrep and locally established agreements that enable students to earn college credit while still in K-12 programs.

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Coming Soon: VR Cyber Facility

The VR Cyber Facility is an interactive virtual exploration representing a real cybersecurity work environment. This fully immersive 3D environment will leverage augmented reality technologies to create active and hands-on learning activities that mimic the real-world tasks of cybersecurity professionals. This program will also include lesson plans, visual teaching aides, posters and handouts for K-12 educators. 

View an example of the VR Cyber Facility Here

National K-12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study


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