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CAE Midwest Regional Hub

Missouri State Cybersecurity Education Innovation Summit

April 21, 2023 Meeting Recording

Agenda & Resources

Welcome & Introduction

  • Southeast Missouri State University CAE PI | Mario Alberto Garcia
  • NCAE-C State K12 DOE Program Overview| Chuck Bales, Grant PI, CSSIA, Moraine Valley Community College

Cybersecurity Education in the State 

  • CAE Collaboration with K12 Community

Education Pathway National Center | Dr. John Sands, Moraine Valley Community College

RING Curriculum Overview and Lesson Demonstration | Jesse Hairston, University of Alabama, Huntsville

EMATE and Career Exploration Demonstration | Dr. John Sands & Mike Qaissaunee, Brookdale Community College

Faculty Development Opportunities | Dr. Kristine Christensen & Chuck Bales,  Moraine Valley Community College

Working Lunch

Packet Tracer & NetLabs Competency Demonstration | Jiri Jirik, Ivy Tech Community College & Kyle Jones, Sinclair College

Call to Action & Closing Remarks | Dr. John Sands

  • Call for state and coordinators
  • CAE Workshops: Commitments and Follow-ups
  • Events for Counselors / Advisors, Faculty Development, Extra-curricular Events